Our kitchen philosophy is based on sustainability, innovation and tradition. Each ingredient used for our dishes was chosen considering the following principles: local ingredients, season ingredients, raised and cultivated organically.

Mircea Dinescu pleads for the rediscovery of native, local suppliers capable of bringing traditional flavours to our dishes. This represents the tradition in our kitchen. The innovation comes from the inspiration of mixing ingredients that may, sometimes, seem incompatible, and from reinterpreting old recipes in a totally new manner, with new techniques.

The “Vice Squad”

Mutton Pastrami

Wonder Meatballs

Bean Spread

Mute Duck Legs

Lamb Chops

Well Tuned Sausages

The Popey the Sailorman Salad

“Good Weather” Veal

The Scholar’s Chicarrones

Bizantine Moussaka

Pike Roe Spread

Old Fisherman’s Brine

Sensational Rolls

Șepcari 16, Centrul Vechi,