Lacrimi și Sfinți is an unusual romanian restaurant with a modern/contemporary kitchen. Recipes as old as 100 years are reinterpreted and rearranged, lost flavours, invented flavours, all in one place. Mircea Dinescu rediscovers and reinvents more than food and dishes in the Lacrimi si Sfinti kitchen, he rediscovers and reinvents a native culinary culture almost lost, or, best case scenario, a culture ignored for over a century. Every product in the menu is prepared with local, organic ingredients only: the fish is fresh, the birds are free range raised, the pigs and calfs come from individual small farms.

The restaurant set up is entirely made of reconditioned wood.  Every piece of wood in Lacrimi si Sfinti is at least a couple of decades old.

The kitchen windows come from an abandoned house in Comuna Perișorul, Dolj County, the kitchen door comes from the old medical unit in Cioroiași, Dolj County, the front door comes from a house in Sighișoara, the joints on the ceiling from an old barn, the closets from Mureș area (each of them from a different house), there are over 50 chairs gathered from all sorts of areas, the floor is recovered from shed wood. The new objects are also made of recovered old wood. The lego for decorations comes from Copenhaga Lego Storea and over 16000 pieces were used. All the kitchen ware has been created by different artists from: Vâlcea, Harghita, Sighișoara, Mediaș.

Architect: Corvin Cristian

Concept: Denise Leonte

Wooden furniture, reconditioning, recovering: Suto Elek

Contemporary furniture: Intro Design

Lego construction, paintings: Ionel Branzoi

Embroideries: Maria Popistașu

Copper pots: Victor – com. Brăteiu, Mureș

Ceramics Harghita: Judit Szasz

Plates and earth – enware pots: Denise Leonte

Traditional clay pots: Pitru Eugen

Costumes and textile confections: Alina Rădulescu – Cult Ideas

Special thanks: Andrei Adrian, Viorel Branzan

Poet, public personality and the saint of the Lacrimi și Sfinți  kitchen. Mircea Dinescu cooks, creates the recipes, goes to the market, talks to the restaurant’s guests and gormandizes everything that comes out of the restaurant’s kitchen – he is the Lacrimi și Sfinți kitchen.

Șepcari 16, Centrul Vechi,